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Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement

The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM), is an organization that strives to deepen the spiritual life of its members, prepare them to be responsible citizens, and encourage them to commit to the service of Church and Society.

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Experience God's unconditional grace and forgiveness.

When living according to this standard of excellence, we are able to uphold the motto ‘Worship, Study and Service’. The MGOCSM organization is spiritually strengthened under the leadership of our Vicar Rev. Fr. Joel Mathew and the elected MGOCSM committee as follows.
Vice President: Aaliyah Mathew
Secretary: Alden Jo
Treasurer: Alen Jo
Area Representative: Mekal Mathew
Marketing Coordinator: Andrea John
Devotional Chair: Aaron John
Social/Service Chair: Aaron Mathew
Junior Committee: Juby John, Trisha Jacob and Jain Shaju

St. Gregorios MGOCSM brings students together from middle school to college through various events. We conduct monthly bible studies, service, and social events to adhere and emphasize each part of our motto. St. Gregorios MGOCSM conducts monthly service events to serve our church and our local community. Working with nonprofit companies in order to expose the youth to do works of righteousness, just as Christ did. We conduct various social events, such as Secret Santa, Trunk or Treat, Baking Socials, and many more to create a community with fellowship where kids can enjoy the presence of God amongst their peers.

Our MGOCSM is a supporter of the Dallas Area MGOCSM and we are fortunate to not only actively participate, but host area events which allow the Dallas Orthodox Christian youth to collaborate and create lasting spiritual relationships. One of which is our annual Perunal Retreat, which our area is invited to learn about a part of our faith together. We thank the Almighty God for continuing to guide the youth of the church and pray for blessings to maintain the strength for the future of MGOCSM.