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Divya Bhodhanam

Theological Education Programme for the Laity

The concept of Divya Bodhanam project was sown by the world renounced Theologian, Philosopher, Thinker and Spoken Person of eastern spirituality, Late Lamented Pauses Mar Gregorios Metropolitan. A novel step in the field of Theological Studies of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was officially inaugurated in 1984 July 28 as a laymen training course of the Church.

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“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.”

He had passed from the thought of their discipleship to the foundation of their union with Him and with God. It was in the eternal love of the Father, ever going forth to the Son, and from the Son ever going forth to all who would receive it. The Father's love and presence was ever with the Son, because the Son ever did those things which were pleasing to Him. (Comp. Note on John 8:31.) The love of the Son is ever present wherever willing heart of obedient disciple is open to its power.