Christ has risen! Indeed He has risen!

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Pentecost (Fiftieth day after Easter) Sunday School day


  • St. John 14:15-31


  • St. John 15: 20 -25

Before Holy Qurbana

  • Numbers 11: 16 - 35
  • I Samuel 10:9-12
  • II Kings 2: 14-17 , 12: 1-27
  • Ezekiel 11: 17-20, 36: 25 - 27
  • Isaiah 42: 1- 27

Holy Qurbana

  • Acts 2: 1-13
  • Galatians 5 : 16 - 26
  • St. John 15: 1 - 14

Service of the First kneeling

  • Genesis 11: 1-9
  • II Kings 2 ; 14 - 17
  • Acts 19:1-7
  • I Corinthians 14: 20-25
  • St. John 14: 1-17

Service of the Second Kneeling

  • Ezekiel 37: 1 - 14
  • Joel 2:25-32
  • Acts 10: 34 - 48
  • I Corinthians 12: 12- 27
  • St. John 14: 25 - 31

Service of the Third Kneeling

  • Judges 13 : 24- 14: 7
  • Ezekiel 47: 1-12
  • Isaiah 47: 1- 1
  • Acts 2: 1-21
  • I Corinthians 14: 20- 33
  • St. John 16: 1 - 15

Welcome to St. Gregorios Orthodox Church

We welcome you to the website of St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Church in Garland, Texas, located in North Texas, less then 25 minutes east of downtown Dallas. Our church is dedicated in the name of St. Geevarugheese Mar Gregorios of Parumala, the great holy father of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.  The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was established in 52 AD by the Apostle St. Thomas in Kerala, India and is a member of the Oriental Orthodox Family of churches.  Our parish was established in 1983 by a small group of pioneer members and  is a part of the Diocese of Southwest America with His Grace Alexios Mar Eusebius as our Diocesan Metropolitan.  We conduct Holy Qurbana each Sunday and observe all festivals of our Lord Jesus Christ (Moronaya Perunnals).  Our parish is also one of the few in the United States that houses the Holy Relics of Parumala Thirumeni.  We have active Sunday School, MGOCSM, OCYM, and MMVS spirtual organizations.   In 2013, under the leadership of our Diocesan Metropolitan, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church inaugurated a church building initiative to accommodate the growth of the Malankara Orthodox Community in the Dallas area.  We prayerfully seek your support in this endeavor.  We welcome you to come and celebrate in the Holy Liturgy and experience the richness of Orthodox worship.  May the blessings of the One Triune God and the intercessions of St. Gregorios of Parumala be upon you and your family.


With Blessings,

Rev. Fr. C.G. Thomas, Vicar

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  • NEWS Update


    Holy Ascension

      The church observes the Feast of the Holy Ascension of Jesus Christ on Wednesday, May 14h with Evening Prayer starting at 7pm followed by Holy Qurbana.  The Ascension of Christ is celebrated exactly forty days after the Resurrection and recalls Christ's ascension into Heaven.   This event witnessed by the eleven Apostles after Jesus had commanded them to  await the coming of the Holy Spirit before leaving Jerusalem to preach the Gospel to the world.  These events are recounted in: The Gospel of St Mark 16:14-19  The Gospel of Luke 24:50-51 The Acts of the Apostles 1:9-12


    Malayalam Holy Qurbana

      We will have Malayalam Holy Qurbana on Sunday, May 17th.  Morning Prayer will begin at 9:30am



        The Holy Church observes the Feast of Pentecost on Sunday, May 24th.  Morning prayer will begin at 8:30am followed by Holy Qurbana.

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